Yoga Therapy

Inspire Yoga and Wellbeing offers personalised, one on one, Yoga Therapy sessions.

Yoga Therapy can help with:

Injury recovery, surgery recovery

Pain, and tension

Anxiety and depression



Stress and burnout

Autoimmune disease

Digestion and sleep issues.

Yoga Therapy uses the tools of Yoga to allow an individual to achieve optimum health by designing a personal practise. Yoga Therapy sessions are 1 on 1 and after a holistic assessment a specific program is designed for you to do at home.

Do you feel stressed or anxious?

Our guide will give you
5 Simple Techniques
to help you find balance in every moment.

Why choose Yoga Therapy sessions?

A yoga therapy session provides a safe space where a program is tailored for you by a therapist with specialised Yoga training to help with these and other conditions.

What happens in a Yoga Therapy Session?

In the initial Yoga Therapy session, time is spent understanding your needs and agreeing the goal of the practice. The Therapist looks at the whole person - physical, emotional and mental states - and assesses which are most relevant to the presenting situation.

Your therapist will develop an initial practice which can be made up of Meditation, Breathing Exercises and/or Yoga postures.  The practice is trialled, fine tuned and written down for you to take home.

At each consultation your therapist will gather your feedback and the practice will be tweaked depending on what has worked best for you. These private sessions may continue or you may choose to move into small group classes.

 helped soothe my nervous system and nourish my soul.   

I had one on one yoga therapy sessions with Liama at a time of huge transition during my life with major life changes going on. The sessions with Liama really helped soothe my nervous system and nourish my soul.  Liama took the time to understand what was going on in my life and the impact this was having and tailored the yoga therapy sessions to my individual needs.  I found the sessions and the practice that I was doing in between sessions incredibly helpful and it meant that I didn’t have to take medication to help me through this difficult time.  
My doctor was fully supportive of this approach.

PUNAM, Dee Why.


Training Certified with Yoga Australia