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I have had a constant and enduring love for yoga over my lifetime and decided to try teacher training to see where it could take me. I believe my teacher training with Liama was the best investment I ever made in myself. It has been truly life changing.

As a teacher Liama strikes the perfect balance between physical practice and philosophy. She has incredible emotional intelligence that allows her to teach each student individually, knowing they seek a slightly different outcome and have different strengths. I work in a fast paced and often very competitive industry and I have struggled in the past to deal with my emotions in difficult situations at work. Liama's training and the practice of yoga in all forms is something I would recommend to everyone and I often do.

This training was designed to fit a working professional and didn't feel like hard work but a rewarding form of self reflection. I could not recommend this training more highly. Liama and all the other teachers that she enlists for this course are incredible.

Lisa | yTT 2021

I enrolled in the YTT after attending an info night

with Liama. I decided to enrol because her manner was warm, welcoming and professional. I also felt the studio to be a safe and calm space. The YTT has delivered everything it promised.

During Covid, the course was delivered through zoom and moodle in an effective manner. I appreciated the mix of philosophy, anatomy and asanas. They have given me a broad base of understanding.

Each YTT session I come away with a stronger understanding of asana and how to create flow and I have been teaching that content to a very happy class of students!

mia | yTT 2020

I have suffered with disturbed sleep for many years, often being awake for hours during the night! I was taking a plethora of supplements to help induce restful sleep. However, it wasn't always successful!

After being involved in a car accident, I decided to try the Yoga for Stress Relief class to help with the resulting anxiety. After a few weeks of regular practice and consciously extending my exhale, amazingly I began to sleep soundly through the night, even without supplements!! I can't emphasize enough the power this practice has and the beautiful way Liama and her fellow teachers conduct their classes! Thank you.

karren | sydney studio

I found in Inspire Yoga, a calming and safe sanctuary to practice  yoga and meditation without judgement. The teachers are exceptional, very caring and knowledgeable. Inspire offers a great selection of classes and events. A truly inspiring place.

ann | sydney studio

I have been coming to the studio for Yoga for a year. Welcoming teachers and the classes are the highlight of my week. Each class is different and I walk away more relaxed and inspired.

lama | sydney studio

2 years ago, I decided to start practising Yoga again after several years of inactivity. Inspire Yoga & Wellbeing came highly recommended by my Integrative Medicine Practitioner and I decided to give it a try.
After meeting with Liama and participating in her Therapeutic Yoga session I knew straight away that the philosophy and approach was different to the other places I had visited before. At Inspire, Yoga is celebrated in its original wholistic way, nurturing mind, body and soul alike.
The Inspire team creates a welcoming, caring and safe environment for all their students. The classes offered, address a wide range of health concerns, cater for all levels of physicality and promote breathing and meditative techniques in every session. Liama and all the other wonderful and knowledgeable teachers at Inspire acknowledge, understand and respect all their clients individual needs and abilities and go above and beyond to ensure that every student enjoys and benefits from every class they are taking.
Over the last two years practising at Inspire, my anxiety and stress levels have come down significantly. My overall physical abilities such as core strength, general strength, balance and endurance have improved greatly. The regular Meditation sessions have done wonders for my overall mental health, focus and confidence. I enjoy new friendships with likeminded people I met at Inspire. With the help of Liama and her team I have become a passionate student of Yoga and Meditation, practising up to 6 times per week at the studio. I am very grateful to have found this Yoga community. Truly inspiring!

Sandra | sydney studio

I have met Liama almost three years ago, during our yoga therapy teacher training and since then I started firstly attend Liama’s classes - therapeutic, flow, core and lately Ki (Japanese yoga).Before I started to teach my own classes at Inspire Yoga and Wellbeing, I was covering classes for Liama her self or other teachers working at the Liama’s studio. Practicing and teaching at Inspire Yoga and Wellbeing has allowed me to grow both as a student and as a teacher. Liama is my mentor, to whom I can turn as a student as well as a teacher, creating loving and safe space for everyone who comes to the yoga school. Inspiring to go deeper through the yoga studies, deeper into the inner journey to one self through sharing her knowledge and experience she gain on her own journey...

dita | sydney studio

I had one on one yoga therapy sessions with Liama at a time of huge transition during my life with major life changes going on.  My resilience and coping ability were very low. The sessions with Liama really helped soothe my nervous system and nourish my soul.  Liama took the time to understand what was going on in my life and the impact this was having and tailored the yoga therapy sessions to my individual needs.  I found the sessions and the practice that I was doing in between sessions incredibly helpful and it meant that I didn’t have to take medication to help me through this difficult time.  My doctor was fully supportive of this approach.

punam | sydney stuido

I came to Inspire with two knee replacements, no balance and no confidence in what my body could now do. Also, I'm 60 y.o. in two weeks. Liama has worked miracles with me! I can now kneel!! Have balance on occasions !! But mostly I love my classes and look forward so much to them. Thank you so much Liama! xox

JAN | sydney studio

Have been coming for over 1 1/2 years and love it. Studio is welcoming and relaxing. Staff are always going above and beyond with classes and ensuring moves are performed safely. Variety of classes are fantastic and suitable for all levels. The teachers are always welcoming and friendly. Leanne is the best physio I have ever seen (and I've been to a few!)  And Liama is the best!

Love to all. Xx Namaste

ANNA | sydney studio

I think kids yoga is the best because it is very fun every one is nice to you but at the same time it helps you relax with a meditation at the end that lets you let go of all your worries. Our teacher makes sure everyone is having the best time and no one gets left out. it Is a fun place to be. Everyone who comes always Looks forward to it.

lesty | Aged 10

Its been over 3 years now as my teacher and your support, knowledge and guidance has totally inspired and encouraged me to further my practice and discover more of the treasures of yoga.   Your strong, dynamic, vinyasa flow classes with a touch of Pranayama, Meditation & Acroyoga bought a challenge while still maintaining awareness & Fun.  I will truly miss my regular practice with you, but I know our paths will cross on this wonderful journey of Yoga !

Thank You from every inch of my core.

Karen | Kiama Studio

Yoga with Liama always helps me. Even when I was feeling like I didn't want to get out of bed for a 6am class it ALWAYS made me feel great. I loved it that much I became a yoga teacher!

Liama is professional, encouraging and supportive as a teacher........

michelle | Kiama Studio

Two years ago I was drawn into a yoga studio and asked the teacher, Liama, if she would teach me this yoga thing! Yoga has transformed my life in so many ways! And I have realised that I was blessed to have found a teacher, in Liama, who is in a class of her own! As my acupuncturist, who was treating me for a recurring lower back injury at the time, said to me regarding yoga, "Just Do It!!!"

tony | Kiama Studio


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