What Makes Physio Exercise Different?

What is Pilates?
An exercise program developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900's to increase general strength and flexibility. Later adapted to include specific activation of the stabilising muscles of the body.

What is Physio Exercise? 
Pilates exercises modified by Physiotherapists to re-train and optimise movement patterns in the body. Each exercise is professionally prescribed to suit an individual's physical abilities and achieve set goals.

Who is Physio Exercise designed for? 
Those who want to maximise functional efficiency in daily activities, through to high level sports.

Why choose Physio Exercise
Professional supervision is required to individualise and maximise the effectiveness of Pilates exercises. Pilates exercises performed incorrectly can cause injury.

Benefits include; improved posture, increased flexibility, decreased pain and discomfort, injury prevention and rehabilitation, increased muscle strength and endurance, improved functional and athletic performance, increased body awareness and anatomical knowledge.

 Sample exercises are below. Please be aware that exercises performed with out professional supervision may cause injury.

 Shoulder bridge primarily strengthening glut max (largest buttocks muscle) while activating deep low back and pelvic stabilisers. Add therapy-band to increase activation of glut med (hip joint stabiliser). This can be progressed to a single leg shoulder bridge and to include the upper body. Excellent for those with low back and hip pain, for those who like to walk, hike and run.

Traditional squat modified with use of therapy-band and magic ring to activate the stabilising muscles of the neck, shoulder, low back, pelvis, hip and knee joints. To strengthen the lower body and correct muscle imbalances. Excellent for the non-injured general population. Enhances sitting to standing, climbing stairs, walking, running, lifting, decreases load on the low back. 

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