Studies Show That Osteopathy Dramatically Improves Pregnancy Related Pain and Labour Outcomes

A woman’s body undergoes astounding physiological and structural changes during pregnancy and as baby grows the pelvis and spine are subject to increased load bearing and mechanical stresses that can cause low back pain, sore hips and aching legs. Hormonal changes and increased fluid circulating in a woman’s body during pregnancy can also lead to swelling in the hands and feet and wrist pain caused by carpal tunnel syndrome.

Pregnancy related pain can significantly affect your ability to function on a day to basis however there is good news for you if you are expecting and in pain – you don’t have to put up with debilitating pain during pregnancy! Studies have shown that Osteopathic treatment during pregnancy can help reduce pregnancy related pain, decrease labour times and decrease the need for intervention during labour.

Osteopathic techniques can help reduce musculoskeletal pain in pregnancy by releasing tight muscles in your hips and lower back, freeing restrictions in your spinal joints and stretching the ligaments in your pelvis to help your body adjust as baby grows. Did you know that Osteopaths are also well renowned for using techniques to restore balance to the lymphatic system which has been shown to assist in reducing blood pressure and swelling in the hands and feet?

Your Osteopath can ensure that your body is well aligned so that as you move through the final stages of  pregnancy and into labour your body is able to do what it does best, naturally. In addition to reducing pregnancy related pain, Mothers who received Osteopathic treatment during their pregnancy were shown to a have a decreased rate of forceps intervention, decreased likelihood of delivering pre-term, reduced labour time, decreased blood pressure, decreased back and sacro-iliac joint pain and decreased incidence of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Guest Blogger – Dr Melissa Jhey

Melissa Jhey is your local experienced Northern Beaches Osteopath who has helped countless expecting Mums to have a more comfortable pregnancy and improved labour and birth outcomes. For more information go to

Dr Melissa Jhey is an Osteopath who is experienced in helping women achieve a more comfortable and pain free pregnancy and being a Mum herself understands first hand this wonderful and sometimes daunting journey that women embark on.


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