Why We Love Moeloco?

Who doesn’t love comfortable and beautiful flip flops (thongs)?

Moeloco thongs leave a lasting impression as they imprint inspirational messages in the sand as you walk. Messages of gratitude, love and peace.

The footprint of these thongs goes way beyond messages in the sand. Moeloco is a social enterprise run by a local business woman, Kathy Wong. Moeloco has linked with a foundation in India called the Hope Foundation.

The Hope Foundation was founded in 1999 by Maureen Forrest of Cork, Ireland, to help the street and slum children of Kolkata. HOPE’s aim was to be, “an organisation dedicated to promoting the protection of street and slum children primarily in Kolkata (Calcutta), and the most underprivileged in India, to promote immediate and lasting change in their lives.”

HOPE has reached out to almost 30,000 children through education alone, over 200,000 individuals through HOPE’s community healthcare programmes as well as being the primary care giver to over 2,500 children on a daily basis.

How does Moeloceo help? For every pair of thongs sold, a pair of shoes is donated to a child under the care of the HOPE foundation. These children have so little that a pair of shoes brings the biggest smile to their faces. These shoes mean they can walk to school, they can get the education that every child deserves.

Kathy visited these children some months ago. They were so pleased with their shoes, they indicated their gratitude with smiles and nods as they could not speak English. One child slept with the shoes under his pillow so he could ensure they were safe. It was the first pair of shoes he had ever owned.

Moeloco has been running for little over a year and over 3,500 children have been helped. It is a little thing to us, but means the world to these children and changes their lives.

We love these thongs and what they represent so much that we have joined forces with Moeloco to help spread the word to help as many children as possible.

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