What’s so special about Inspire?

At Inspire, we take care of your overall health.

Inspire Yoga and Wellbeing (Inspire YW) and Inspire Physiotherapy and Pilates (Inspire PP) has over 30 years combined experience in physical and mental health.

Here’s a hypothetical example of how we’re able to treat the whole person.

Let’s say a patient came to us with acute back pain which required treatment.

The patient did not know whether Pilates, Yoga or Physiotherapy would be best for her back.

She gave us a call and we booked her in to see our Physiotherapist, Leanne, for an assessment.

An Initial Physiotherapy assessment showed that her lower back movement was restricted and her pain was coming from the Left L5/S1 facet joint in her back. This joint was under pressure due to tightness in her right hip joint which affected the rotation of her pelvis. Our physiotherapist provided treatment which mobilised her right hip joint and her left L5/S1 facet joint as well as releasing the muscles in those two areas. Our physiotherapist explained the importance of stability in the pelvis and lower back and provided stretches and exercises to maintain her new level of movement. 

During one of the sessions, the patient admitted she had been having a difficult time. She often felt anxious and had started to have panic attacks. As her anxiety was revealed, we suggested it was important to address this and suggested a referral to our yoga therapist, Liama, for assistance and guidance.

The patient agreed to try a few Yoga Therapy sessions. To start with Liama guided her through a simple, slow breath-linked movement and meditation practice to help bring her nervous system back into balance.

She also recommended a home practice which the she was able to do 3 times a week. In subsequent sessions, the practice was tweaked, the patient’s confidence improved and she started attending our Yoga for Stress Relief Classes.

These techniques were extremely successful in helping the patient deal with her levels of anxiety and stress, while also eliminating episodes of back pain by further helping to strengthen the muscles supporting her back.

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About the Author

Liama Aesha has been a Shiatsu Practitioner for 17 years and a Yoga Teacher for 10 years.

She owns her own clinic and Yoga studio in Dee Why. She believes in empowering her clients with the knowledge to understand their own health and to give them the best tools to use as and when they require.

Registered Member of Shiatsu Therapy Association, Australia.
Registered Level 2 Teacher with Yoga Australia
Registered Yoga Therapist with Yoga Australia


Training Certified with Yoga Australia