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Pushbiking for Mental Health | Inspire Dee Why | Yoga Studio on the Northern Beaches
 What is ”Pushbiking for mental health”?

Pushbiking for mental health is me Amy-Nicole Peters pushbiking from Perth to Sydney this August for mental health awareness. I’m hoping to complete the ride in around 8 weeks, and estimating to cover over 5,000km.

What made you decide to take this journey?
My motivation for this ride is to help end the stigma surrounding mental illness. I have personally experienced mental illness and I want to be open about my experience. I believe mental illness isn’t something to be hidden or considered a taboo topic. It can affect anyone at any time.
What do you hope to achieve?
I want to show that you don’t have to be an athlete or a super hero to take on a great challenge like cycling across the country or ending the stigma around mental health 🙂
I want others struggling with mental illness to know it’s OK to ask for help, that support is out there and where to find it. Thats why I have partnered with Beyondblue and Lifeline.
Are you doing this on your own?
I am doing this trip unsupported I think it adds an extra challenge knowing that I have to be able to rely on my own abilities and resources eg water, food, bike mechanics.
What preparations are required for this ride?
Most of the preparation is just riding my bike. I am already commute to work on my bike but I have been trying to do a few rides a week which are at least over 50km. As well the cycling I have been doing some weights training and have started incorperating yoga as well thanks to Liama and the girls at Inspire. I also took a ten day meditation course last month to try and prepare myself for the mental challenges that I may face along the way. 

How can people help?

I am holding a crowd-funding raffle to raise funds for the great services for mental health that are provided by Beyondblue and Lifeline. You can now donate and go in the chance to win the great prizes listed below. 
  • 1 x three night stay in a reef view room including breakfast on Hamilton Island Great Barrier Reef Australia.
  • 5 x couples massage packages from Sahsin Massage in Manly.
  • 1 x 10 class pass from Inspire Yoga and Wellbeing in Dee Why.
  • 1 x 1hr treatment from Total Physio Manly.
  • 1 x 2hr Pamper package from Dee Why Therapeutic Centre.
  • 1 x 3 visit package to Massey Family Chiropractic in Deewhy. 
  • 1 x $50 voucher voucher from Sunrise Cafe Warriewood beach.  
I’m also looking for donations of gear including, but not limited to,
  • Bike computer/GPS
  • Clip in pedals 
  • Cycling shoes and cycling apparel.
  • Sat phone / spot tracker (for safety) 
  • Bike tools  
  • Touring bike 
  • Bike racks
  • Waterproof panniers 
  • Lightweight camping gear
I will happily return all the loaned gear after I finish the ride (though you might not want the clothes back).


I’m currently looking for sponsors for the ride.

The opportunity to have your business name displayedon the
  • Blog
  • Social Media
  • Promotional materials
  • My bike and jersey during the ride


You can also join me on any leg of my ride. I will be posting my route and estimated kilometres per day if you’re interested to join for any portion please get in touch at


Last but certainly not least you can help by supporting others in your community who may be experiencing mental illness by opening the lines of communitcation.

Together let’s speak up about mental health and help end the stigma one conversation at a time.

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