Lifeline Technique

Do you feel stuck?
You want your life to go somewhere but it’s just not happening?
Do you feel dissatisfied and frustrated with your life?
Did you know past events in your life reside in your body and subconscious mind and become patterns that keep you stuck?

Lifeline Technique can clear conscious and subconscious emotional patterns to help you move forward in your life. The technique is heart centred and gentle. The clearing on all levels makes it a powerful tool to remove blocks and ensure they never come back. Change in your life happens quickly and permanently.

What is ‘Infinite Love & Gratitude’?
It is an applied kinesiology-based system that is on the cutting edge of energetic medicine. It is both an ancient and advanced complete system of transformation and wholeness… a philosophy, science, and quantum technology that bridges gaps between the conscious and subconscious mind. At the root of every symptom, stress and disease is a subconscious emotional pattern of reaction. When activated this pattern of reaction will cause both behavioral and biological stressors. The cornerstone of the Technique is our view of symptoms, stress and disease. Rather than something being wrong with a person; symptoms, stress and disease are the language your body and life use to awaken you to your authentic power of transformation and create change. It enables a person to activate their subconscious mind and thus have a direct impact on genetic expressions affecting the health of your body and the relationships in your life.

How can it help me??

  • Allergies
  • Losing Weight (Subconscious reason as to why you cant seem to lose weight or keep it off)
  • Releasing Limiting beliefs
  • Feeling stuck in your life
  • Negative Behaviour Patterns
  • Release Anger
  • Improve Self image
  • Relieve Sorrow and /or Grief Depression
  • Reduce Pain / Burdens / Anguish
  • Feeling Blocked or Disheartened
  • Quit Smoking
  • Bringing abundance into your life

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About the Author

Liama Aesha has been a Shiatsu Practitioner for 17 years and a Yoga Teacher for 10 years.

She owns her own clinic and Yoga studio in Dee Why. She believes in empowering her clients with the knowledge to understand their own health and to give them the best tools to use as and when they require.

Registered Member of Shiatsu Therapy Association, Australia.
Registered Level 2 Teacher with Yoga Australia
Registered Yoga Therapist with Yoga Australia

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