Northern Beaches Sister Circle

The Circle is a sacred space and a powerful tool for self-understanding and deep inner healing. Let us reconnect with the Divine Feminine. ♀

Come as you are. 

Leave a more inspired version of yourself. 


A Sister Circle is a safe place to explore and express your authentic self as a woman. Surround yourself at this monthly meeting (every fourth friday) under each full moon with friends, mentors, mothers, and women from all walks of life who gather to share their wisdom and intent to support and empower one another. 

The circle offers a ritual to elevate our spiritual conciousness, and creates a sense of belonging and connection within the feminine construct. Ritual also helps us to experience joy in the mundane, and purpose in the everyday. Navigate your life towards more fulfillment, purpose and joy.


↠ Introductions and nourishing snacks

↠ Presencing: An invocation, blessing, or simple breathing exercise to call forth a state of compassionate listening.

↠ Prompt: Interpreting a sign from your chosen card. Participation is always optional.

↠ Unify Heart Meditation and Theme Activation: Taking turns, each month a volunteer interprets and guides the same meditation in her own way. This is the same meditation used by the Global Sisterhood of women’s circles.

↠ Yoga: A short and beautiful asana practice to invoke Shakti, or female energy. No experience in yoga necessary.

↠ Sharing Wisdom: Answer questions meant to guide and shake you awake into your own life. These questions come from prompts determined by the monthly theme. This is where we offer our personal experience and insight, never advice. 

↠ Full Moon Intention Setting: Taking into account any insights gained from the circle, we take accountability for our own actions, and speak or journal about what changes we will make in our lives before the time of the next circle.

↠ Closing: Recommendations for self care (aromatherapy, a meditation to take home, a ritual to begin, etc.)

This is just the beginning! Come help us create this shared experience. As the circle grows, we hope to add even more activities to the list. See you on the Fourth Friday. ♀♀♀

By Terra-Nova

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