30 Days to Health

Are you low in energy? Tired all the time? 
Do you need some help getting your mojo back?

Our 30 days will support you on your journey back to health and vitality. 

We’ll learn to meditate, eat better and become more centered in our daily lives. We’ll regularly check-in to monitor the transformation that will come to your body and your mind as we guide you through a month of dedicated yoga practices.

Whether you are new to yoga or a dedicated yogi, the 30 day of Yoga will leave you feeling stronger, calmer and more confident.

Inclusions are:

- A Private Yoga Therapy Session to set your goals for the 30 days
- 30 Days Unlimited Yoga from the day you start
- Daily journaling
- Daily meditation

- Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living
- Meal Plans. including healthy snacks and Weekly Shopping Lists

- Regular Check-ins to keep you on track

More information:

Here are some ways that nutrition can help support your health and skin:

Boost good bacteria with probiotics:  The digestive system naturally has billions of bacteria, like the skin. Digestive health can be supported by promoting growth of beneficial bacteria, along with lowering the number of harmful bacteria. Probiotics provide strains of beneficial bacteria to help replenish and support the digestive tract. These good bacteria help support the immune system, and other body systems, including the tissues of the skin – from the inside out.

Optimise digestion: The body’s overall health is connected to how foods are digested, and nutrients are absorbed. This can be optimised by supplementing your diet with digestive enzymes, to help the body process foods more effectively and the digestive system function optimally. Digestive enzyme levels decline with age, so a supplement can help to support digestive function.

Get plenty of nutritious fibre: Fibre helps keep things moving in the digestive tract and promotes healthy gastrointestinal functioning to eliminate toxins. Over 50% of Australians only consume about half of the minimum 28 grams of fibre recommended daily.

Add healthy fats to your diet: Research demonstrates most people aren’t consuming the needed levels of essential fatty acids, such as omega-3. The right kinds of fats are essential to healthy cellular function, including cells of the skin. Minimise trans fats and saturated fats that could contribute to an unhealthy vascular system, which may impact other parts of the body, such as the skin. Include plenty of healthy fats such as olive oil; avocados; nuts and omega-3-rich seeds.

“With our increased understanding of the role of intestinal health, we are beginning to understand the gut-skin connection along with the role of probiotics in maintaining health and great-looking skin.” Dr. Nora Zorich , MD, PhD and Chair of the Arbonne Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Tanda Cook discusses the nutrition program here

You can also join our facebook group for recipes and ideas on healthy living here

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Nutrition: $360
Nutrition + Yoga $499

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About the Author

Liama Aesha has been a Shiatsu Practitioner for 17 years and a Yoga Teacher for 10 years.

She owns her own clinic and Yoga studio in Dee Why. She believes in empowering her clients with the knowledge to understand their own health and to give them the best tools to use as and when they require.

Registered Member of Shiatsu Therapy Association, Australia.
Registered Level 2 Teacher with Yoga Australia
Registered Yoga Therapist with Yoga Australia

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